Our play park - we want to save it!

"I loved this play park, it’s really close to my house so I used to be able to run around with my friends and see them outside every day”

A local resident, 5 years old, as she looks at the closed play park.


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This play park has never had investment from local councils or businesses and it is co-owned by the people on the street, and their residents company, Halton Residents Company, as a community-run facility. 


However, our playground has been closed due to health and safety risks from the deteriorating wood of the equipment. We want to replace the current equipment that is unusable with new play park equipment, that our young children can enjoy once again.


What you can do...


Vote for our play park project - Visit the Aviva Website Voting closes on 20 November 2018.


Note that you will be asked to give your email address, and after verifying your address, you should click back to the Aviva site and search for "Halton Wood". It will only take you a few clicks and around 3 minutes.







Further information



We'd like to restore the playground to its former glory so it will be reinstated as a favourite meeting place for the children of Wendover.


The new plans include equipment that will help children develop key abilities such as hand-eye coordination and fixtures that will encourage children to interact with one another, thereby developing their social skills. The playground is located at the base of the very popular Wendover Woods. So, whilst serving the children of Halton Wood Road and the surrounding developments on a daily basis, it has a much wider reach on weekends and holidays as children and families explore the woods and happen upon the playground on their longer walks: all parents know how much a local landmark, like this play park, can encourage children to get out for a long walk.



We have also spoken with a number of companies who design and build long-lasting play parks, and have shortlisted three play park designs. The companies shortlisted can all start work given 6 weeks’ notice. As residents, and shareholders in this community-led company, we all look after the land and already have the initial approval of the residents to explore designs and funding options. We are confident we can make a success of this play park, if we are able to secure funding support. Should we be lucky enough to receive this funding, work will start and be completed by early 2019, with children playing in the park by next springtime.


What will happen if we don't raise funds?

However, as the play park has been out of bounds for two years now, and with recently completed financial projections, quite simply, we will not be able to install new equipment without external funding. It is likely that without support, the now out of bounds play park will be completely removed, as this is the cheaper option; and an option that residents will be faced with at their next meeting, by very early 2019.


What will your vote (or funding) help with?

This generous funding will bring us the capital we need to undergo this refurbishment, and it is one of our only chances to receive funding in time to save our children's play park. Once installed, a new play park has already had robust financial projections to keep the maintenance up to date, making sure that this play park, once invested in, is a wonderful, local play area for young children for decades to come. 

Children playing happily in the play park in the past